Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Asterisk 11 and chan_motif on FreePBX 2.11 (..still cooking with manual dialplans for GTalk..)

FreePBX does have chan_motif (currently GUI supports only GVoice ) with module under UNSUPPORTED category in Module Admin. But first, before getting there, we need to setup Asterisk 11 to enable
Here’s the howto, this is of course assuming that you’ve installed Asterisk 11 already (so it is now a recompile exercise here). If you need to install fresh, try my article here:
  1. # cd /usr/src
  2. # wget http://iksemel.googlecode.com/files/iksemel-1.4.tar.gz
  3. # cd iksemel-1.4
  4. # ./configure && make && make all && make install
  5. # cd /usr/src/asterisk*
  6. # make clean
  7. # ./configure
  8. # make menuselect (be sure that in Channel Drivers, see if the chan_motif driver is shows a * symbol.
  9. # make && make install
  10. Stop and restart asterisk # amportal kill && amportal start
Now, sign in to FreePBX
  1. Go to Admin | Module Admin
  2. Be sure to also select UNSUPPORTED as the options for repositories
  3. Lookout for the Google Voice/Chan Motif under Connectivity, install and go to that page
  4. Go to Connectivity | Google Voice [Motif]
  5. Configure happily there
I will update this article for use with GTALK later…since GVoice is done via FreePBX heck, why do dialplans Smile
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