Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Documentation Made Easy!

Lets face it, documentation is a pain, wish you had a tool to do it all without installing a huge piece of software on every machine you need to inventorize? Well, try SIW.

My clients do not mind if i do screen captures and documenting after the settings but you know how tedius this can be right BUT they won't like it if i install *ANY* software which modifies registries, installs drivers etc just to inventorize their machines.

I bumped into this tool introduced by a friend, Frank Rovers, called System Information for Windows or short for SIW.

Why i like this tool?
  • You don't have to install anything, just run the EXE file

  • Collects huge amount of information that you could do so within minutes which you would normally do in hours

  • Collects Software, Hardware and Network information

  • Collects realtime information like CPU, HDD etc

  • Has some pretty neat tools right out like reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks, Product Keys and Serial Numbers (CD Key), MAC Address Changer, Shutdown / Restart.


THANK YOU GABRIEL TOPALA Download it straight from here

PS> Vista will request admin rights to run this tool :D

PS> The *secret* is dangerous, it can reveal passwords stored in plain text, so try not to export secrets out into exportable formats. BE RESPONSIBLE. Mine revealed Firefox password (im gonna blog this)

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